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This is a brilliant Video. I would play this video many times and understand every phrase and sentence he is speaking. You will not be disappointed at all. Information can be learnt by playing this once. Youtube User

interesting talk on #SCRUM Youtube User

All I can say is that your presentation is the perfect showcase as to why 90% of all IT projects fail. You just nail it =) .. Thank you for sharing it Youtube User

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February 18 -
February 19
Orlando, FLCSM Certified ScrumMasterJens OstergaardRegister
April 04 -
April 05
København, DenmarkCSM Certified ScrumMasterJens OstergaardRegister
April 07 -
April 08
København, DenmarkCSPO Certified Scrum Product OwnerJens OstergaardRegister
April 17 -
April 18
Shanghai, ChinaCSM Certified ScrumMasterJens OstergaardRegister
April 21 -
April 22
Hong KongCSM Certified ScrumMasterJens OstergaardRegister
April 28 -
April 29
Aarhus, DanmarkCSM Certified ScrumMasterJens OstergaardRegister
May 02 -
May 03
Aarhus, DanmarkCSPO Certified Scrum Product OwnerJens OstergaardRegister
May 19 -
May 20
Orlando, FLCSM Certified ScrumMasterJens OstergaardRegister
May 26 -
May 27
Reykjavik, IcelandCSM Certified ScrumMasterJens OstergaardRegister

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The House

Stora Nyteboda is a wonderful, old-fashioned Swedish country home where relaxation is the order of the day. The house is a mere two-hour drive from Copenhagen, immediately adjacent to a splendid forest that has remained untouched for the past 250 years.

Previous Classes

Business idea was a project group working in an environment as this would by themselves become hyper productive as they would be free to develop without interference, living together and discussing the development of the product while at the same time enjoying living in a quality environment.
When I look back at my IT career, working and talking with great people, I have realised there is nothing as good as empowered people communicating closely together solving problems. If you think back of the best projects you have been part of, it is almost certainly those projects were you as a team were empowered to take responsibility. This is the reason I bought Stora Nyteboda (in the beginning co-owned by my great friends Claus & Pia) in 2001 turning the house into a project house. Having a team working in an environment like this, not being disturbed, they will develop nothing but good things. When I later the same year first heard about Scrum I realised there is something bigger here, something interesting and promising. Jens Ostergaard

CST, Agile House Ltd

I enjoyed the enthusiasm, the openness of the instructor, all exercises  and also the background info. Everything!!! CSM class participant

Relaxed, practical, jovial CSM class participant

Jens was very honest and had a good conversational style CSM class participant

Instructor’s willingness to discuss topics and engage the group CSM class participant

Jens was energetic, dynamic and able to answer difficult questions. Exercises were engaging, challenging + fun. CSM class participant

Now I know what to do as a Product Owner. CSPO class participant

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About Scrum


Scrum is a framework where the main purpose is to build better software, using common sense. »Everyone will like Scrum; it is what we already do when our back is against the wall« (James O. Coplien)


Jens Ostergaard


Jens Ostergaard is co-founder of ScrumFoundation. He consults and helps organizations understand the fundamentals of Scrum, argue that organizations should keep Scrum as pure as possible, until they fully understand the mechanism that drive development forward.

Being the first certified Scrum Practioner and one of the first certified Scrum Trainers, worldwide, Jens have successfully trained thousands of people.

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