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Scrum Planning & Estimation

Why do we plan? The reasoning behind planning is to find a way to predict how much time (read cost) it takes to build a product. If we can predict the total cost and the budgeted sale we can make a prediction of Return on Investment; we thereby have a solid basis for deciding whether or not to build the product.

So what happens if you build a product where prediction is unreliable, e.g. building a new medicine? Should we just give up and say we cannot predict? Well, we have to do something in order to get some kind of idea of the scope and time frame.

In this class we will discuss different ways of planning and different estimation techniques.


As this is a software conference, we will focus on the reasons behind building unpredictable software and how to handle the estimation challenges arising from this unpredictability.

The class makes use of a case study by which we will learn how to get from idea to product development and how to adapt to changes and new insights along the way.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Envisioning a future product
  • User Stories
  • Splitting User Stories
  • Build a Product Backlog
  • Estimation, actual as well as relative
  • Ordering
  • Refinement
  • ATDD
  • Planning Poker
  • Making a release Plan
  • Story Mapping
  • Agile Contracts

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